About Nordic Moose

About Nordic Moose

Nordic Moose is about passion for gloves. By bringing together the best raw materials and craftmanship in the world, Nordic Moose makes beautiful gloves that stand the test of time. Our gloves take time to make and they are made to last. The gloves are characterized by a clean design with focus on letting the raw materials and craftmanship behind the gloves shine through. Nordic Moose is founded by Torkel Fagrell from Sweden.


Moose, also known as Nordic elk, is a wild animal roaming freely in the very northern part of our globe. Our leather comes from Sweden and Finland where the moose population is vibrant and hunting is strictly regulated by the authorities. Moose is hunted for its meat only and the hides are byproducts that would rot in the forests if not picked up and processed by local tanneries in Sweden and Finland.

Traditional leathers for glove making, such as goat, sheep and calf, all come from farmed animals. Animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to global warming in the world. Also, the leathers are often not a byproduct of the meat industry but, rather the other way around, the meat is a byproduct of the leather industry. Farmed animals are by definition held in captivity by humans, are sometimes subject to cruel treatment and their lives are often ended before they reach adult age. All these problems are absent regarding moose leather. We dare to say that moose leather is probably the most ethical and ecologically sustainable leather in the world of glove making.  

About the leather

Moose leather is a uniquely soft and warm leather. It is actually the softest thick leather in the world. Gloves made of moose leather are therefore lovely to touch, comfortable to wear and provide great protection against the cold. As the leather comes from truly wild animals, the skins are full of scratches and irregularities. The colour of the leather will never be the same from one skin to another and it also varies between different parts of an individual skin. These irregularities are also visible on our gloves and they are not defects but proof that the gloves are made of genuine moose leather from wild animals.

How our gloves are made

Our gloves are made by hand in Hungary, one of the leading countries in the world for making high quality gloves. Each skin is carefully examined, stretched and cut by a master glove cutter. The natural elasticity of the leather is replaced with an elaborate man-made elasticity, so the gloves do not loose shape over time when being worn. How to stretch and cut the leather is a craft that takes several years to master. Once the leather has been cut, the pieces are sewn together by hand to gloves and fitted with a lining, usually in a contrasting colour. All linings in our current collection are made of cashmere and come from Naples, Italy.