How to find the right size

It is actually a lot easier to buy gloves online than most other garments or shoes. This is because all major producers of quality gloves follow the same, very old, standardized system for glove sizes. You measure the circumference of your hand at its widest point, which is just below the knuckles, and then look in the table below to find your glove size. The length of the fingers follows automatically, given a certain circumference. This will be the same for all producers of handmade quality gloves.

Nordic Moose is all about giving the customer a better glove in terms of material, design and fit. Therefore, if you are not 100% happy with the fit, please return your gloves to us and we send you another pair in a size that you think is more suitable or we give you a full refund on the purchase price. Read more under Return & Exchange.

If you are between two sizes, we usually recommend our customers to order the smaller size. This is because your gloves will stretch over time.

Hand circumference Glove size
195-209 mm 7.5
210-219 mm 8
220-235 mm 8.5
236-249 mm 9
250-259 mm 9.5
260-274 mm 10
275-289 mm 10.5